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School Ethos & Values

Our Vision

‘Building a Future’

Our Mission Statement

‘Every pupil attendingYsgol St Christopher’s School meets their potential, makes strong progress in areas that are important to and for them, acquire the basic functional skills they need and have robust plans to support transition on to the next steps in their lives’

Our Values

  • We put pupils’ needs and aspirations first
  • We work together
  • We value and respect each other
  • We learn together
  • We innovate and create
  • We communicate openly


  • We prepare all pupilsfor the next steps in their journey
  • We inspire pupilsto be as independent as possible
  • We provide a broad and engaging curriculum that meets the interests of our pupils
  • We encourage a love for learning and a sense of belonging
What’s important to us at Ysgol St Christopher’s School What’s important for us at Ysgol St Christopher’s School
  • Everyone feels safe and cared for at our school
  • Everyone can learn and flourish in areas they enjoy
  • Everyone is treated with respect and equality
  • Everyone shares our values
  • Everyone has the right to learn
  • Everyone respects the rights of every member of our school community
  • Everyone is responsible for their own behaviour

We aim to provide a high quality, inclusive education that challenges and develops our pupils, enabling them to realise their full academic potential, and enhance their skills and talents whatever their challenges and difficulties.

  • We provide a welcoming, safe and supportive environment in which pupils feel happy and confident.
  • We ensure that each pupilis valued and treated as an individual.
  • We create a community within a community that includes an active partnership with families.

Latest Tweets

Massive congratulations to one of our Senior for completing his Play Maker FA Learning Award. https://t.co/Pvr9qkvxcO
@stchriswrexham - September 28
Our new sports leaders settling in well and building communication and team work this afternoon. This morning they looked at skills and behaviours and developing a risk assessment. https://t.co/uGIZJ57luH
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Stc PE
- September 24
@stchriswrexham - September 23
Wow so much progress on the new Cruyff Court. Many thanks to and the company putting the hard work into completing it https://t.co/8GQTy92YMg
@stchriswrexham - September 21
Lots of silica based sand free to collect from Hightown. Needs gone asap. Call school 01978 346 910
@stchriswrexham - September 21
@stchriswrexham - September 14
@stchriswrexham - September 12
Excitement building seeing our new Cruyff Court being built. Many thanks to and for making this happen. https://t.co/G32TAg1ZX9
@stchriswrexham - September 9
Best wishes Jenna hope you heal quickly
@stchriswrexham - August 14
Today we said goodbye to a long time serving member of Staff, Assistant Head, Mr Ian Connell. 32 years service to our school helping so many Students achieve and reach their potential. You will be missed, September will be very different without you. https://t.co/kKVoeSBHEg
@stchriswrexham - July 20
This afternoon our Stepping Stones Leavers organised a meal in a local restaurant. Mr Connell was the guest of honour and the Students were joined by Miss Ellis, Mr Orme and Mr Jones. Well done Bailey and Bethany. https://t.co/JDqmW3mL34
@stchriswrexham - July 15
Leavers 22 what are these two up to? https://t.co/xeMunIizYq
@stchriswrexham - July 15
@stchriswrexham - July 15
More Leavers 22 https://t.co/4vUYULFNds
@stchriswrexham - July 15
Well done Miss Ellis for organising such a lovely Leavers 22 Assembly. Lots of effort and thought must have gone into this, thank you. https://t.co/wpD5nytIia
@stchriswrexham - July 15
Fantastic morning working with Geraint from the and Jonathan Miller from Wrexham LA, discussing with our students the opportunities and usage agreement for our new Cruyff Court due to be built by September. Brilliant ideas from our Students. https://t.co/paylevjIZ6
@stchriswrexham - July 15
Lovely way to end our sporting calendar today with some of our girls taking part in our Mini Euros as part of the BEfootball project with the and looking forward to next term where we can add this to out calendar https://t.co/ofdLtsINAz
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Stc PE
- July 15
One more, cannot end without our Prom King giving us some Sweet Caroline. https://t.co/4qGlNhx7fo
@stchriswrexham - July 13
And finally a group shot with friends and staff joining the party. https://t.co/VCvnbS1sjz
@stchriswrexham - July 13
@stchriswrexham - July 13
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