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Well done to our Girls sports leaders for organising our Mini https://t.co/nbrehskhoz Euros. A small start but 3 teams competing with Germany beating Wales 2-1 in the final. Well done everyone hope you all had fun. pic.twitter.com/VOBWINxmqx— Stc PE () July 12, 2024
@stchriswrexham - July 12
What a great morning of football with our Stepping Stones/ Innovate and top Pebbles phase Mini Euros. 8 teams with 4 players and such a close tournament that went down to the final round of fixtures. Mr Robertson was so pleased when England eventually won the tournament. pic.twitter.com/7aRWTahjtF— Stc PE () July 11, 2024
@stchriswrexham - July 11
Proud of our sports leaders for planning and delivering activities for our Transition children. Lovely feedback from visiting staff, thank you. pic.twitter.com/DTbfHV45fR— Stc PE () June 27, 2024
@stchriswrexham - June 27
Many thanks to the visiting schools for your support today and the amazing feedback you gave my students. So proud of all of them and their work today. Special mention to the students it’s been a long journey be very proud. pic.twitter.com/HiqJDBY03x— Stc PE () June 20, 2024
@stchriswrexham - June 20
A wonderful way to end our unlocking potential project. Thank you for being such a great mentor. Brilliant work from all my students for helping the 4 project leads. Thank you to the schools that joined us and our Pebbles phase pic.twitter.com/HzwJY7ssdN— Stc PE () June 20, 2024
@stchriswrexham - June 20
News this afternoon that has been selected as one of two Sports Leaders from across all their centres to be highly commended for his tireless work as one of our Senior Sports Leaders. Luke we are so proud of all you have achieved. pic.twitter.com/85iYXAjYvX— Stc PE () June 6, 2024
@stchriswrexham - June 6
Any Parents/Carers interested in the Tennis session. Please see flyer below. pic.twitter.com/waasAPyuUz— St Chris Wrexham () May 17, 2024
@stchriswrexham - May 17
Brilliant afternoon with our sports leaders organising the end of term football tournament. They selected small nations and coached their players so well. Credit to for getting San Marino so close. Well done Luxembourg for winning. pic.twitter.com/T2naDHlUAv— Stc PE () May 16, 2024
@stchriswrexham - May 16
Thank you to the and staff for the BE. Football training this morning. Our girls had a fantastic time and look forward to making a difference. pic.twitter.com/HMW11AGX1I— Stc PE () May 15, 2024
@stchriswrexham - May 15
Massive thanks to Ladies GK coach David Williams for visiting today to sign our wall. Thank you for organising. really enjoyed chatting about all things football. pic.twitter.com/jQ0Km278FU— Stc PE () May 10, 2024
@stchriswrexham - May 10
It’s an honour to have been invited by to judge again this year. For the first time ever, there is a female judge included across all four sports (scooter, skateboard, BMX, & inline) 🙌 ❤️ pic.twitter.com/4nyur5fwfu— Jenna Downing () May 9, 2024
@stchriswrexham - May 9
Lovely afternoon for my sports leaders delivering to Ysgol Bodhyfryd, Ysgol St Giles and our own Pebbles phase. Well done everyone. Especially well done to Kaylem supporting the Kinball session. pic.twitter.com/jlLdLjo5dx— Stc PE () May 3, 2024
@stchriswrexham - May 3
Disability Cricket this summer at Gwersyllt CC. Please email Jamie Griffiths jamie.griffiths.org.uk— St Chris Wrexham () May 1, 2024
@stchriswrexham - May 1
Phone lines are up and running again.— St Chris Wrexham () April 30, 2024
@stchriswrexham - April 30
Phone linesSchool are currently experiencing technical difficulties, our phone lines have gone down completely again. Unfortunately we cannot currently receive incoming calls or make outgoing calls.For anything urgent, please get in touch through Seesaw.— St Chris Wrexham () April 30, 2024
@stchriswrexham - April 30
Great to be back with our Sports Leaders delivering their first football session of the summer term. pic.twitter.com/BZxnwbM0Pu— Stc PE () April 11, 2024
@stchriswrexham - April 11
On way home just a couple of stops at Ibrox and Celtic Park. The Mrs said this morning what a lovely weekend just one bad bit. Asked what and she said the result. didn’t deserve to lose they were the better team.— St Chris Wrexham () March 25, 2024
@stchriswrexham - March 25
It’s the final Dragons’ Den event and we’ve heard about some amazing social action projects! pic.twitter.com/xrPdAzku3E— AQA () March 21, 2024
@stchriswrexham - March 21
So proud of our 4 students presenting their project details in Manchester today. Video of their presentation to be uploaded soon. Thanks to for her guidance and support. pic.twitter.com/cUdOQjpC3f— Stc PE () March 21, 2024
@stchriswrexham - March 21
Brilliant teamwork to decide what slide to deliver, some more confident than others, but we are so proud of what they have achieved. Thank you for supporting them through the presentation. 21 March 2024 https://t.co/SWYa0WJyNX via — Stc PE () March 21, 2024
@stchriswrexham - March 21
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