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Top ten education websites for parents

While any type of educational website for learning or work will be beneficial for your child, we believe it is important that you are directed to sites of the most relevance to our pupils. Below is a list of websites that you may find useful during the current school closures.

1. – our new school website, which will be updated on a regular basis.

2. – the online learning platform used by all pupils in Wales. Not only will our online learning be accessible through hwb, but so will a range of other tools and resources. Log in details will be sent home with pupils.

3. - a fantastic online learning resource that has web based activities. They cover literacy, numeracy and a range of other subjects. Log in details will be sent out with pupils.

4. – a great website with a range of online lessons, presentations and worksheets for all ages.

5. - the BBC’s well renowned educational website which caters for all ages.

6. - another BBC website, this is a child friendly news resource where pupils’ can keep up to date with current events.

7. - a wide collection of literacy information and resources, including book recommendations and tips on how to improve your child’s literacy skills.

8. - a website that contains a vast range of maths worksheets for Years 1-6.

9. - another website that contains a variety of free resources packs. Requires a membership, however, there is a free tier that allows 5 downloads per day.

10. - a free website that teaches children to learn how to code through a wide variety of different activities.

Top educational apps for iPad, smartphones or tablets, click on the link or the picture below.

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