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The Millennium Eco Centre is a specialist area with the St. Christopher's school, based 4 miles off-site and works inclusively with adults and young people from across the North East corner of Wales and neighbouring authorities.  The Centre is based on a working sand and gravel quarry owned and operated by Breedon Aggregate; an instrumental business partner in the facilitation of the Eco Centre.

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Education should be exploitative, creative and inspire students to learn in a safe, warm and accepting environment. Our atmosphere enables students to respect themselves and others. Through diverse creative and vocational experiences, we enhance individual's ability to socialise with others, be creative, express themselves and develop. We provide a high quality educational programmes, one which we are always improving.


We believe learning is not confined to a classroom environment. The Centre are able to offer a wide ranging selection of value added initiatives and programs. All our value added programs focus on building confidence, self-esteem, team working skills and encourage individual stewardship and participation; just some of the essential building blocks necessary moving onto work, college or future employment.