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LFT Self-Test - COVID-19-self-test-instructions


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LFT Self-Test - Privacy Notice Pupil and Learner Version

Dear Parents/ Carers,


We will soon be able to distribute COVID testing kits to all those pupils in year 10 or above who wish to use them. These are tests that will need to be completed at home on a twice weekly basis. We will be asking these to take place on Wednesday and Sunday evenings between 4pm and 6pm.


The public health bodies are encouraging learners to take up the offer but it is OPTIONAL and pupils do not have to take them if they do not wish to or feel they are not suitable to their circumstance or individual needs.


We hope that all pupils, who wish to be involved, will be able to take a test kit before next Friday 19th March and begin testing on Sunday 21st March. (This will be subject to the process running smoothly).


There is a FAQ document provided by the Welsh Government and below is a question and response that you may find relevant.


Should learners with additional support needs take part in this testing offer?

For some learners with additional support needs it may not be appropriate for testing to take place under any circumstances. Schools should work with parents/carers and those who work most closely with pupils with additional support needs to decide whether testing will be appropriate, taking into consideration the needs of the individual.

Risk assessments play a key role in considering the individual needs of young people with additional support needs, and may be used to consider whether the self-test programme will be appropriate (taking into account the potential for support from parents or guardians).


I have set up three thirty minute zoom meetings with myself where you will be able to find out more information and ask any questions that you may have. They will take place on Monday 15th March at 10am, 1:30pm and 7pm


It is the same meeting ID and password for all of the meetings.


The meeting ID is 742 706 5953

Password: test (all lower case)


If you have already made your mind up either way you do not need to attend these sessions.


There are attachments to this letter that should help you to inform your decision.

I highly recommend you take the time to look at the document attached to this letter.

- A letter on behalf of the NHS; Uploaded on the website is a copy of;

- A test guidebook explaining how to use the kit and report your result.

- There are also NHS video instructions of how to use the tests at home on Youtube · Step by step guide to COVID-19 self-testing - YouTube Lateral flow devices.


If you do wish to have tests to complete at home the collection day for your phase will be Tuesday 16th March between 10am and 2pm and then 5pm-6pm. Please drive on to the main reception car park and wait in your car in the bus lane on school site. We will then come over and discuss how to collect your test. We will not be able to issue you a test until you have completed a consent form. These will be issued on the day if you do not have one. (Please bring a pen)


If you want a test kit but will struggle to collect them at these times, or you transport your child and would like to collect one at this time then please phone school and let me know.

Many thanks to you all if you have any questions then please contact me at school. More information will be posted via the website, twitter and Facebook.