Under the Welsh Government areas of learning and experience (AoLE) we have led the way under the health and wellbeing and are the first school in North Wales in partnership with the NHS to have a £100,000 development ‘The ROC’ – Reach Out Centre.


The ‘ROC’ provides children and young people who are experiencing difficulties with a "safe haven" where they can develop their skills to cope with everyday life and its challenges, enhance their ability to cope with social situations and enable them to return to the normal school environment.


The ROC enables a variety of agencies to deliver services to the school community in order to improve health and wellbeing.


What Does the ROC offer?

  • Advice and support drop-in

  • Mental health wellbeing

  • Mental health interventions

  • sexual health Drop-in

  • Health promotion

  • Health interventions

  • 'FRIENDS' groups

  • Daily mile

  • Relaxation sessions

  • Makaton Club

  • Safeguarding intervention

  • Free Pads/towels/advice

  • 'Five ways to Wellbeing'

Visiting External Agencies

  • Community Paediatrician

  • Speech therapist

  • Dietician

  • Optician

  • Dentist

  • Careers Advisors

  • CAMHS consultation

  • School Counselling service

  • Social Worker

  • Youth Worker


To book the rooms below please contact our office on 01978 346946 or E-mail


The Grey diamond Room - Meeting room (max 10 people with a 3 seater sofa)


Green Circle room - individual therapy room (max 3 people)


The Purple triangle Room - Group work (Sofa seat for up to 12 people with 2 bean bags TV with video and computer connection)


Turquoise square room - individual therapy room (max 3 people)