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The café was opened on Holt Rd in February 1992. The aim was to enrich pupil’s lives giving them the opportunity to work and learn in a business enterprise teaching them basic cooking and hygiene. With the profits made in the café going back into the school to help educate the pupils.


Since then this has become the foundation to build and grow the café enterprise using this as its core form to evolve over the years and with this in mind the café has grown to become the community hub of the school tutoring pupils by developing their potential in this environment by opening its doors to the public, when we moved site from Holt Rd we changed our name to Stockwell Café. This then gave the pupils an added skill they could learn in hospitality as well as hygiene and basic cooking skills.


Five years ago when Myself Emma Jones (Café Manag) took on the responsibility of continuing this enterprise we had one goal in mind, the pupils. But what could we bring to this already established café using the core of the main objective for the café.

Using the skills that were already in place we adapted that and added money handling and use of the till. Independence based on the individual's abilities to encourage their full potential with a handful of senior students with the ability to create and make cakes and dishes on their own with minimal support along with using that independence to help the daily running of the café. Earlier on in the year (2019) the café become the learning base for the BSL signing and signing choir group the “Sign of the Times”.


Once the next stage of what Emma and I had planned for the café was established. The next question was how we could grow this business and we did this by holding a literary event (Viva Voce) throughout the year in the evenings that I have organized and presented over a few years. During April/May this becomes part of Wexham's literature festival “The Carnival of Words”. Using the café as the venue for this event opens the doors to put the school and the café on the map by including the establishment to the local and wider community. Often the pupils attend these events and take part with the signing choir.

The café strives itself to be part of the community and school to help enrich the pupil's lives by creating stepping stones to successful futures.



Emma Jones (Café Manager)

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